General Workshop

Together we break out of the traditional classroom and immerse ourselves in the world around us, whether that’s at the beach, park, or around the local neighborhood. It’s about getting out and about, embracing hands-on creative activities, having fun, and most importantly, having a go.

Bespoke Workshop

Whether you’re a group of University or school students wanting to explore visual marketing for businesses, a teacher for children with special needs, or a HR professional looking to connect people within an organization, I can tailor make a workshop to suit almost any requirement.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn."


Passionate Educator

I have always maintained a genuine love for people, education and photography, so my workshops are where I am fortunate enough to be highly engaged in all three. The quote above is one of my favorites and pretty much sums up my approach to teaching.

People Person

My ability to engage with people from all walks of life helps give participants the confidence to be themselves, be in the moment, be creative, and explore new creative ideas without fear of ridicule or judgment.

Smarter Learning

The more engaged we are the more we become active participants in learning. Teaching serves as a catalyst for positive change and outcomes in the classroom, and there is no greater satisfaction than playing a pivotal and meaningful role in that.

Social Connections

We walk, we talk, and we get creative. My workshops are a great way to connect with peers, make new friends, all while making some beautiful pictures along the way. Why not book a workshop for your company’s next team building day? Or get out and about with some new classmates?

Creative Thinking

When we apply our creative brains to a problem we are much more likely to develop both resilience and solutions; this is the fundamental idea behind my mindful photography workshops. It’s an invaluable, life-enhancing skill I want every student to take away with them.

Professional Partnerships

Joining me on the next UTS workshop will be David Alais, professor of experimental psychology at the University of Sydney. He’ll be talking about his research findings in the scientific understanding of the creative and artistic brain, including ways to better tap into our own creativity.

I'd love to hear from you!